Science Fair Workshop


with Leigh Bradbury-Taylor
Wednesday 21 February, 11 am – 1 pm
174 Greenlane West, (Old One Tree Hill Fire Station/Jack Dickey Hall)
Cost: $5 per child ($10 non member)
(Not a member? Join up today).

Register by Wed 14 Feburary


About the workshop:
We are thrilled to have Leigh Bradbury-Taylor run the workshop. Leigh is a home-school mum and experienced Science teacher. She will help children to understand the ‘Scientific Method’ – how to do a ‘fair test’ and present your results so that we can all understand what you’ve discovered! She will give some ideas about topics and also briefly touch on the other kinds of project options – the AHE Science Fair is broad and really anything that reflects a child’s learning around the theme of science is welcome!

Please note, that parents will need to stay with their children if they are under the age of 10, so that the children can get the most out of the workshop.

Numbers are limited so please ensure you pay promptly to secure your place.

Payment details: AHE a/c 12-3011-0543821-00 (Please note 00 suffix). Reference: surname and ‘SF workshop’

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