NASA Space Exploration Presentation

Getting to Mars:
Building The World’s Most Powerful Rocket

In a joint project AHE and MOTAT bring you an opportunity you won’t want to miss!

Monday 12 February
11.00 am and (repeated again at) 1.30 pm.
Aviation Display Hall
200 Meola Rd, Western Springs
Registration essential

FREE for AHE members and friends!


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Come and hear NASA engineer Tim Atkins present a multi-media lecture for children and families on a new era of human space exploration – with the ultimate goal of landing humans on Mars.  NASA is building the Space Launch System (SLS), the world’s most powerful rocket, which will produce more thrust at liftoff than any other vehicle in history.  Because of its unrivalled power, SLS can launch missions that no other rocket can.

Tim Atkins manages requirements and analyses for avionics timing across SLS, at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center.  He holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Engineering and Operations Research from the University of Central Florida, with decades of experience in software development, electronics integration, and rocket science.  He and his wife have six children and four grandchildren (one coming in March).  In addition to helping build SLS, he enjoys hiking, home-construction projects, helping low-income communities, and time with relatives all over the world.