Art Exhibition

Friday 10 November 2017

Te Tuhi Art Gallery
13 Reeves Rd, Pakuranga
2017 Theme: Myths, Legends and Fairytales

10 am – Public Viewing; entry by gold coin donation or $5 per family
10.30 am – Art Demonstration by Karen Sewell
11.30 am – Prize-giving

Kids feel free to dress up as a mythical character or fairy for the day!


How does the AHE Art Exhibition work?

The AHE Art Exhibition is a chance to enjoy each other’s artistic creations and be inspired. This year there won’t be formal judging, but a ‘People’s Choice Vote’ for each category with some lovely prizes.  Each child will receive a participation certificate (and a chocolate bar). Children of any age may enter.

This year we’ll be having an Art Demonstration:

Don’t miss out on artist Karen Sewell giving a demonstration during our exhibition.  Karen has won a number of art awards including the Premier Award of the Waitakere Trust Art and Sculpture Awards in 2012 and being selected as a finalist in the prestigious Wallace Awards in 2013.  While she originally concentrated on painting she is now well known for her photography and sculptural installation. Best of all, Karen homeschooled two of her children for several years and she has a very real interest in our kids and their engagement with art


What kind of art work is allowed?

Pretty much anything, we think!  Drawings, painting, collage, sculpture, photography, craft….
SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT! We have a new category this year:

This year’s theme (Myths, Legends and Fairytales) lends itself to story-telling. So write and illustrate a short story, create a picture book or design your own comic.


Each participant may enter up to a maximum of TWO categories.
2D – that’s anything that can be displayed on a flat surface, such as card or canvas. For example: painting, sketching, etching, crayon and dye, collage, cartoon, pastels, printmaking etc or a mix.
3D and Craft this is any art work that is three dimensional. For example: clay sculpture, papier-mâché, painted rocks, wire sculpture, masks, models, carving, dolls, jewellery.
Photography – that’s pretty straightforward. You take photos and display them!
Wearable Art – for the truly courageous! Art you can wear!
Illustrate your own Story (new category) – create a story or comic that you illustrate.


You may enter one art work OR you may enter multiple, up to the size of a display board (such as used for a Science Fair – able to be purchased at stationery shops).
If you enter 3D or Craft you may use up to half a trestle table (approx 1 m). If you need more, let the organising team know.


The cost is $5 AHE member/$10 non-member per category per person.
Maximum cost per family is $15 AHE member/$30 non-member.
Should your child wish to enter more than one category then you will need to pay for an extra entry.
Please pay to AHE a/c 12-3011-0543821-00. Use name and Art as reference; also add number of children e.g. x2


  • Art work that is submitted was made this calendar year.
  • Any assistance that the child has received with their art work must be acknowledged (see Entrant’s Form which will be sent to you when you register and will be given to judges).

Generally, tracing and copying is not acceptable. If this is done, it must be acknowledged. If you have any questions, please contact Monica at

We look forward to seeing you at the AHE Art Exhibition!

Thanks to following sponsors for contributing some prizes for the AHE Art Exhibition:

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